Online education

Education step-by-step goes to the online reality. Many NGOs provide their nonfomal educational activities within webinars, online conferences and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Our project is aimed to compile practical information and good practices in this field and to develop educational materials for youth organizations promoting peace and Human Rights. We are going to implement it within two activities.

Training activity

First of all, we will reflect on the topic during the training “Digital tools for nonformal education” that will take place near Budapest (Hungary) in May 2018.
We will look for the answers on following questions:
- What kind of digital tools do exist for organizing online educational activities?
- How to implement our online educational work by more professional way?
- Differences between online and offline nonformal educational activities.

Digital Guidelines

And secondly, all information developed during the training will be compiled
to the Digital Guidelines that will be opened for all interested.