Project partners

We are seven NGOs from Spain, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Poland, united by the idea that conscious and strategic usage of the digital tools and ICT can increase social impact of our actions and make our work more efficient. 

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Coordinating organization - (Spain)

  It is an international non-profit organization founded in 2001 that actively participates in the development of disadvantaged regions and populations through active professional assistance for NGOs providing them with the opportunities offered by the Internet and new technologies.The mission of is to promote the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a tool for solidarity and improvement of society. helps to the nonprofit sector – NGOs, associations, social entrepreneurs and socially responsible companies – with developing websites, creating online training campuses, online stores, with the e-mail marketing, with social media campaigns, digital communications etc. We collaborate with non-profit organizations working in the fields of Human Rights, social inclusion, education, health and well-being, fair trade, gender, protection of animals. Our long experience in the field of ICT and the Internet makes us a reference point in the field of digital technologies for hundreds of organizations. Every day we help our partners to transform digitally by providing them with new digital ideas and resources in order to empower them to reach their goals, to strengthen their social impact and to create the world where we dream to live.
Coordinator of the TURN ONline project Alla Krinitsyna,

Group of the European Youth for Change (Romania) 

    We are Romanian NGO whose mission is to empower young people to change their community.  GEYC has an advanced expertise in the ICT field, as this is one of the key directives of our organization. Check some of our project in this field:
GEYC Resources Center
European DIgital Youth Summit
We truly believe that digital tools can impact the life of young people positively, reason why we try, through our activities, to bring technology closer to youth, to make it accessible to every person.
Contact person Cristiana Lucaci,

Egyesek Youth Association (Hungary)

     We are community of active youth and young professionals. The aim of our activities is that – we, young people – explore our own strengths and resources using them consciously to fulfill our personal and professional life. We will to build communities where people are aware of their own freedom of choice, they do what they love and connect with each other peacefully. One of our digital project that we are going to work on is educational video series named “Civil Knowledgebase” for Hungarian NGOs as an e-learning toolkit in 4 different relevant topics. . As well as that since 2012 we are developing a media training course which focuses on video activism, ethical use of social media, and in general use of digital tools within non-formal education.
Contact person Tamás Mahner,


 The name of the organization PROJUVEN means "proyecto juvenil" (youth project). It stands for something dynamic. For our staff of professionals it means being social entrepreneurs and keeping the passion for social purposes, in a modern concept of NGO. We want to enrich the educational, social and cultural life of young people living in our country, mainly young people with fewer opportunities. We actively use digital tools for our work and transfer this knowledge to young people. One of our projects in this field is Online Ambassador
Contact person Debora Dimova,

Alternativi International (Bulgaria)

  It is youth non-governmental, non-profit making organization working in the territory of Blagoevgrad region. The main objective is to encourage personal and professional development of young people through non formal education and also the building up and development of active citizenship among them. We stand for technology as  an excellent tool for youth organizations to reach out more beneficiaries and increase their impact. We actively apply ICT in the field of non formal education and communication.
We have experience in conducting webinars when promoting mobility for youth. We have also developed e-courses in a framework of a National program for youth. Together with other organizations we have created e-course for volunteers and acquiring skills such as communication, organizational management, leadership. We also use communication and technologies by creating  online youth magazine "Opportunities" which help us to reach out youth from around the world.
Contact person Georgi Kuzmanov,

Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer (Greece)

InterMediaKT is a NGO working on vocational education, training and innovation. We aim at supporting, inspiring and empowering actions of evolving business and entrepreneurship. Located in Patras, Greece, we provide an effective promotion of knowledge, vocational training and e-learning activities.
We implemented the wide spectrum social activities based on ITCs:
- Accessible Routes,
My Story - Media & Migrants,
- INNOVAT: Social Innovation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship,
- SETTLE: Social,
- TRAIL Teenagers‬: the Road with Autism to Independent Living,
- Junior Coding Academy,
- Camouflage and safety in the virtual world.
Furthermore, our organization is a proud to be a member of Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of the EC.
Contact person Antonela Kotsoni,

INPRO (Poland)

The work of our NGO is dedicated to youth education and involvement. INPRO's interest in using digital tools is very big as we work mostly with image and words during educational process. To reach our target group we use many types of online tools also before the process happens. Facebook, Instagram and Google apps are commonly used in daily activity, we also use Dropbox, Canva, Trello and others. We benefit from the offer of Google for NGOs, Foundation Techsoup and Microsoft for NGO, In 2016 we realized a youth workers mobility project “Educate Me(dia). The training course was dedicated to media literacy skills i.a. we trained youth workers how to use media creatively to express and communicate ideas, information and opinions.
Contact person Beata Szmuc,