Google generation: myths and reality

The target group of youth NGOs is Google generation.
Do we know anything about them?
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Five apps to change the world

Mobile applications for help, support and solidarity.
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Meet Up on Digital Transformation of NGOs.
Do it in your local context!

Working on the topic of digital transformation of youth NGOs within TURN ONline project we are looking for colleagues who have the same field of interests.
Exchange of knowledge and experiences give us a chance, first of all, to learn together and, secondly, to reflect on our work. Here we present the interview with one of our colleagues.
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5 webs for being updated in digital field

Within this post we present five webs that can help you to be updated in the world of technology and apply useful pieces of advice to your NGO.
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Online Collaboration within TURN ONline project

We share with you online tools that we use for organizing our work within the project TURN ONline.


Digital tools for the Management of Volunteers

Within this post we offer you some friendly-user digital tools that you can apply to the work with your volunteers and staff members. These tools can help you to manage tasks of your NGO together and by collaborative way. 


Open source online education tools

This post will be very useful for those who implement online education work.  


Responsible photography: respecting and transforming

In this text social activist Mariana Espinos (Barcelona) reflects on important tips about how to be responsible photographer.



7 TIPs for online facilitators

We present you seven basic tips for facilitation in online reality.


NGOs & Social Media: a digital microphone for NGOs’ message

We propose you several tips that can give you a chance
to strengthen your work with Social Media.


4 tools to modernize your classroom

If your NGO organizes some workshops in schools,
in this post you will find digital tools that can help you to work with students.



The power of web conferencing

This blog post presents several online platforms for organizing web conferences,
online calls and webinars.